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Christy loves our Accra dental clinic because she experiences hardly any discomfort while in our care. We know that many people have had bad experiences at the dentist, so we use gentle techniques and communicate with you to make sure you're comfortable. Christy's husband and children also visit our dentists, and she says that she'd recommend us to anybody in search of great dental care.

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[00:00:07.200] What makes me comfortable coming to Bethel [00:00:09.843] is the friendly atmosphere. [00:00:11.971] Pain is managed well here, at least for me. [00:00:15.643] I hardly feel pain when I come for my procedures, [00:00:19.343] either for the general checkup or for any other procedure that I walk in. [00:00:23.957] That also stands out very clearly for me and quite good. [00:00:28.400] Now, I have a good dental health not just for me, but my family as well. [00:00:33.829] My husband also visits and my children also visit Bethel. [00:00:37.700] The work they do here is quite professional with the dentist [00:00:40.986] and communicating and then explaining the procedure [00:00:44.986] that we are going to go through with you. [00:00:47.443] That makes you really appreciate what condition you are in as a patient. [00:00:53.671] I would recommend Bethel to anybody at all out there [00:00:57.786] who needs any dental care.

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Bethel Dental Clinic is a comprehensive dentistry practice committed to high-tech treatment and top-of-the-line service. As the official dental provider for the Ghana National Soccer Team, we have a reputation for creating beautiful, healthy smiles. We go above and beyond for patients by providing:

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