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Romeo chose Bethel Dental Clinic because he wanted an actual relationship with his care team instead of being treated like just another customer. When he received a dental implant and restoration to replace a missing tooth, he was impressed with our team's advanced technology and reassuring guidance. Romeo brings his children to our Accra clinic, too, and he says they're always eager to come back.

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[00:00:07.200] I think what made me choose Bethel [00:00:09.700] was one, relationship, which is quite important to me. [00:00:16.600] From the start, it was just basic dental treatment. [00:00:21.029] I wanted to be able to have a place where I can do my regular visits [00:00:25.800] and ensure that nothing really comes up without it being taken care of. [00:00:30.814] Recently I had to do an implant. [00:00:33.100] I'm actually in the process, so they've done the first level. [00:00:37.114] Just the conversation around it really helped me. [00:00:40.343] Trying to explain what the procedure was going to be, [00:00:45.214] the expectations of it and whether it'll be painful or not, [00:00:49.257] and how long it was going to take for me to go through it. [00:00:53.133] After they took me through the various options [00:00:55.418] that were available and trying to calm me and ensuring that I'll be safe, [00:01:03.814] I decided to proceed with the procedure. [00:01:06.871] Comparing where I used to go before I came here [00:01:12.043] is more of the service, the human beings, the way they treat you, [00:01:17.557] and secondly, the equipment that they use [00:01:19.720] and the professionalism with which they handle their equipments. [00:01:22.671] The team around the doctors are very, very knowledgeable. [00:01:25.900] I think that helps in terms of calming people down. [00:01:29.500] My kids come here and the way they relate to them, [00:01:33.114] they always want to come back. [00:01:34.500] If somebody needed a similar service especially what I had, [00:01:38.257] it's very easy for me to recommend.

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