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Patrina says what she loves most about Bethel Dental Clinic is the fact that she can get any dental service she needs under one roof, with no need to go around to various practices. She says her hygienists and dentists always explain exactly what they're doing and make sure she's comfortable at every step. Patrina also appreciates our dedication to using the latest dental technology and how it creates a premium-quality experience.

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[00:00:07.114] One of the things I really like about this place is once you enter, [00:00:10.999] everything is available here. [00:00:12.710] You don't need to go anywhere else to have those procedures done. [00:00:16.586] When you walk in, they start beaming with smiles, [00:00:19.415] and you would think that they already know you. [00:00:22.100] I think even prior to that, [00:00:23.870] what I appreciated is that whenever you have an appointment, [00:00:26.880] you get a phone call informing you of the appointment, [00:00:29.600] and then the day before you get a phone call [00:00:31.530] reminding you about the appointment. [00:00:33.390] And I really appreciate that. [00:00:35.200] They tell you when they're cleaning, they tell you what they're doing, [00:00:39.230] they explain the process, and I really like that. [00:00:42.829] If you express any discomforts, they stop, they listen to you. [00:00:46.814] They have a dedication to [00:00:49.720] keeping abreast with what's happening in the dental field. [00:00:53.080] So the latest techniques, latest equipment. [00:00:56.418] Don't compare, "Oh, well, this place is cheaper. [00:00:58.710] So let me go there instead." You'll get what you pay for. [00:01:02.271] At Bethel, you get what you pay for. [00:01:04.486] It's a great service.

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