Dr. Varun Muraleedharan is a highly trained periodontist who joined the Bethel Dental Clinic team in 2022. If you visit our Accra practice for gum disease treatment, he'll be here to help you with a variety of treatment options to suit your needs. He believes the patient experience is key to great dental care so you can expect to be treated with a kind attitude and gentle touch.

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[00:00:07.400] As a periodontist, [00:00:08.645] when we have diagnosed a patient with gum diseases, [00:00:12.286] then we will start with a comprehensive examination [00:00:15.144] that include considering the dental health and medical health [00:00:19.886] like medical history, [00:00:21.515] and that will also include some essential radiograph [00:00:26.086] that will help us to assess the severity and stages of the diseases. [00:00:30.986] We can give a proper treatment plan for the patients. [00:00:34.930] We are also considering the patient care. [00:00:38.243] We are giving time to ask the questions. [00:00:41.771] We are making the patient more comfortable. [00:00:45.086] It depends on the severity of the diseases. [00:00:47.472] We are giving so many treatment options. [00:00:49.986] Those patients need gum grafting surgeries. [00:00:52.887] Those patients have receding gums. [00:00:55.843] We can do a gum grafting surgeries for this patient. [00:00:59.843] Some patients like there are severity. [00:01:02.629] If the disease is very severe, [00:01:05.072] like they lost the bone or something like this, [00:01:07.444] then we can do a regenerative procedures [00:01:09.957] to regenerate the bone which is lost during the periodontitis. [00:01:13.971] I strongly believe this patient care is very essential for the practice. [00:01:17.971] It's like we have to give a normal and calm environment [00:01:21.844] to open up the concern from the patients, like they can ask the question to us. [00:01:27.357] We have successfully treated so many challenging cases, [00:01:30.558] such as the patients with receding gums [00:01:34.100] and those patients with complex severity in bone diseases [00:01:39.386] like bone loss with the regenerative procedures. [00:01:43.814] We have used laser techniques [00:01:46.314] to decrease the pain during the procedures.

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