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Our Accra dental practice strives to keep Ghana green. We do our part by employing environmentally friendly tools, technologies, and features around our office. We use solar panels to guarantee consistent power without drawing from the communal supply and have double-glazed glass windows and automatic curtains to keep it cool and comfortable inside.

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[00:00:06.543] Global warming is a big concern to us. [00:00:09.143] We've had floods and fires in this country, [00:00:14.600] so we decided this would be our contribution, [00:00:18.280] so we use less of the power grid, [00:00:21.671] then they would produce less because of that. [00:00:24.320] Solar produces, our panels produce 55 kVA of power, [00:00:29.671] which is more than we need. [00:00:32.543] We are fully supplied. [00:00:35.360] Even if there's power cuts in the country, we don't notice it. [00:00:39.920] There's no time a patient will come and we'll tell them, [00:00:42.444] "Oh, we don't have power." [00:00:44.457] We always have power. [00:00:46.240] Because we take less, then other people can have electricity. [00:00:53.057] Our staff don't use plastic bottles. [00:00:56.600] We have a water dispensing system. [00:00:59.457] We have curtains that we can automatically bring up and down [00:01:05.686] to keep out heat anytime we want. [00:01:09.414] Then the glass windows are double-glazed [00:01:12.761] and also keeps heat out of the building. [00:01:16.720] Water use in our bathrooms are also very minimal [00:01:20.914] because our faucets are designed to reduce water use. [00:01:25.720] Any place on our grounds that are not paved, [00:01:28.857] which is very little paved area, [00:01:30.929] the rest of the places are grassed. [00:01:34.229] Then we have preserved two trees from the construction, [00:01:38.343] It also keeps their building cool.

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