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At Bethel Dental Clinic, our goal is to provide the finest dentistry in all of West Africa. We've purposefully designed our office to feel like a welcoming environment you actually want to visit rather than a cold, clinical setting. We value exceptional skill, exceptional hospitality, and exceptional technology above all else.

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[00:00:07.317] Hello. My name is Betty Antwi, [00:00:10.283] the General Manager of Bethel Dental Clinic. [00:00:13.383] My role here is to ensure that all the pieces come together [00:00:17.092] to give an excellent dental care for our patients. [00:00:21.800] I've been practicing dentistry for over 13 years in Ghana, [00:00:25.350] I've worked at several clinics, and I can tell you, [00:00:28.292] Bethel Dental is the biggest, not just in size, but in equipment-wise. [00:00:33.960] We believe that a visit to a dentist shouldn't destroy your day. [00:00:38.633] It should not be a stressful experience. [00:00:40.567] We decided to give a hospitality feel so that when you are here, [00:00:45.870] you don't feel like you're in a hospital or you're in a clinic. [00:00:49.760] Just relax like you are sitting in a hotel lobby. [00:00:53.120] They have a front desk that combines a very good customer service [00:00:57.408] and their patients are always well-taken care of. [00:01:00.383] Our goal is to have a first-class dental facility [00:01:03.592] to serve the West African sub-region. [00:01:07.550] Provide the facility that gives the feel that you get anywhere in the world. [00:01:14.640] Our core values are to provide the best possible skill, [00:01:18.500] provide the best possible technology that you can find anywhere in the world, [00:01:22.867] and also to give the best customer service. [00:01:26.283] I have to say the team is probably what I'm most pleased with. [00:01:30.875] We work together as a team. We look out for each other here. [00:01:34.880] We love to have the kids here, [00:01:37.520] and they love to play when they are around. [00:01:39.920] We want them to be themselves. [00:01:41.975] We have set up a team full of specialists. [00:01:44.360] Every field of dentistry has somebody responsible for it. [00:01:47.880] So we're able to combine ideas, draw treatment plans together, [00:01:51.467] and make sure the best service is given to the patient. [00:01:54.200] I want my patients to feel like they were better off than when they first came in. [00:01:59.667] When you talk about dental care, we don't just do cleaning. [00:02:03.983] It's a whole assessment. It's a whole health care that we give. [00:02:09.792] We try to give our patients the best that they can get anywhere in the world. [00:02:16.160] Instead of traveling outside to South Africa, to India, [00:02:19.958] we have brought it here.

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Bethel Dental Clinic is a comprehensive dentistry practice committed to high-tech treatment and top-of-the-line service. As the official dental provider for the Ghana National Soccer Team, we have a reputation for creating beautiful, healthy smiles. We go above and beyond for patients by providing:

  • In-House Financing
  • Free Consultations
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Same-Day Restorations
  • And More

Contact our office today to get started on treatment. You can reach us online, or by calling (233) 030-277-1155.

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