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Stronger, Sturdier Smiles: Why You Should Get Implants for Your Dentures

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Older man sitting on the couch and smiling

Without your teeth, you may not feel like smiling even when you’re happy, and you won’t be able to enjoy a wide variety of foods to keep yourself healthy. It’s little wonder then why most people choose to get dentures as soon as they’ve lost an entire arch of teeth. However, while it’s true that dentures have been around for centuries and remain a reliable option for tooth replacement, they do have a number of disadvantages that might stop you from enjoying life to the fullest. Read on to learn more about the potential downsides to dentures – and why it’s generally a good idea to upgrade them with dental implants.


Convenient Care: 4 Advantages of Having a Family Dentist

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Mother, father, and baby visiting the family dentist

There are some dentists that specialize in seeing children while general dentists will typically only accept adult patients. A family dentist, on the other hand, can do it all; they can provide service to every member of your family young and old. It goes without saying that having one dentist cover the dental needs for everyone in your household comes with several advantages. Here are 4 reasons to start looking for a reliable family dentist today.


The Aging Smile: 4 Things to Know About Your Teeth as You Get Older

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Older couple on the beach smiling and showing teeth
Happy Couple at Beach

It’s no secret that the older you get, the more your body changes – and of course, your smile is no exception to this rule. As time passes by, all of the biting and chewing that you do over the years can slowly but surely wear down your teeth, and sooner or later that might lead to fractures and other unfortunate consequences. So what can you do to keep your teeth in good shape? Here are 4 things your dentist wants you to keep in mind while taking care of your aging grin.


Is Your Dentist’s Office Truly Modern? 6 Things to Look For

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Far shot of a modern dental office

When it comes to dentistry, technology and techniques tend to advance at a surprisingly fast rate. Even a mere ten years is enough for the modern landscape to change completely! The real question, though, is whether your own dentist has been keeping up with these advancements in order to bring your smile the high-quality care and protection it needs to last the rest of your life. The next time you make an appointment, try asking if your practice uses one of these 6 examples of dental innovation.


Cosmetic Dentistry: 3 Ways Teens Can Improve Their Smiles

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Teenager with headphones smiling and showing all teeth

Many teens tie their feelings of self-worth to their appearance. That means an imperfect smile that’s marred with chips or stains could leave them feeling extremely self-conscious. The good news is that their dentist could have a solution! While cosmetic services are usually marketed to adults, nowadays many teens have looked towards these treatments as a way to boost their confidence. Listed below are 3 cosmetic procedures that have been used to help younger patients in the past; learn more so that you can decide whether they’re a good option for a teen in your life.


Handwashing and Sanitizing: Your Best Defense Against COVID-19

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As frightening as the COVID-19 pandemic may seem, one of the best ways to protect yourself as well as your family is a simple task that you should already be very familiar with: handwashing. The regular use of soap and water or hand sanitizer can go a long way towards preventing the spread of all kinds of viral illnesses as well as infections such as SARS and MERS. How is your hand hygiene? As handwashing is an important practice at any dental clinic, your dentist can give you quite a few tips on finding the best way to keep your hands as clean as possible.


Choosing a New Dentist in Accra: 6 Things to Look For

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Male dentist with mask examining female patient’s mouth

Maybe you’ve only recently moved to Accra and need to find a new dentist to start bringing your family to. Or perhaps you were already visiting a specific practice but need to switch to a different one. Either way, when you’re on the search for a new dental home for you and your loved ones, it’s important to remember that not all offices will be the same; if you want to find a location that’s best suited for your needs, you need to consider a variety of factors. Here are 6 things that should be on your mind when researching a dentist in Accra for the first time.


Oral Cancer: Yet Another Reason to Keep Your Next Dental Appointment

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Oral cancer cells attacking a mouth

You probably don’t need additional motivation to see your dentist every six months. Virtually everyone already knows that these visits are absolutely crucial when it comes to preventing or detecting tooth decay. However, cavities are far from the only worrisome symptoms that a dentist might find when looking at your mouth. In this post, you’ll discover why a dental checkup just might end up saving your life from oral cancer.


5 Reasons Why Dentists Love Filling Gaps in Smiles with Dental Implants

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Woman in yellow shirt smiling and pointing to dental implants

Everyone deserves a complete smile that’s as healthy as it is dazzling. So when you’ve lost a tooth or multiple teeth, your dentist is going to recommend the best replacement option available. Oftentimes, that means one thing: placing dental implants. These small metal posts act as new roots that provide all kinds of advantages that you wouldn’t get from a removable denture or a standard dental bridge. Should you ever have a gap in your grin that needs to be filled, keep these 5 benefits in mind when you look into getting dental implants.


What Does It Mean When Your Gums are Receding?

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3D illustration of receding gums on lower arch

You’re probably expecting your mouth to change as you get older, but do you know the difference between natural changes and those that are the sign of an oral health problem that needs a dentist’s attention? Gum recession – a condition where the roots of the teeth become exposed – is often thought to be part of the aging process, hence the term “long in the tooth.” But if you want to protect your smile, it’s important not to make this mistake! In this post, you’ll learn the truth behind gum recession and what you can do to prevent it.

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