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At Bethel Dental Clinic, we don't just care about your oral health—we care about your overall well-being. Our multi-national team of dental hygienists brings decades of experience and a patient-first attitude to our Accra practice. We'll treat you like a friend and not just a customer while we care for your individual needs.

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[00:00:07.286] I decided to come to Ghana [00:00:09.658] to bring my 25 years of experience as a dental hygienist. [00:00:13.644] When I arrived in Ghana, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. [00:00:16.915] I was pleasantly surprised to see that we had amazing technology. [00:00:21.543] It allowed me to be able to practice as a dental hygienist [00:00:25.329] as I would in the States. [00:00:27.057] I am originally from Norfolk, Virginia. [00:00:29.786] I have lived in Fort Worth, Texas, though, for the last eight years. [00:00:34.129] I've been in the dental hygiene field for over 20 years, [00:00:39.029] and I asked the Lord to send me something different, and he did. [00:00:42.514] When I got here at Bethel Dental Clinic, [00:00:44.972] I was surprised at the advanced technology that is here. [00:00:49.757] It's definitely comparable, if not better, than some clinics in the United States. [00:00:54.943] I'm a dental hygienist. [00:00:56.343] I don't just take care of patients' oral health, [00:00:59.257] I see to their general well-being [00:01:02.071] because the oral health links directly with general health. [00:01:06.057] The patients are always very pleasant, very nice, very open to change. [00:01:11.944] I enjoy interacting with the patients. [00:01:14.857] I am definitely excited about meeting all kinds of patients here, [00:01:19.158] as well as providing a service for them [00:01:22.643] that helps them get back to a healthy state. [00:01:26.000] We provide total oral care, not just a cleaning, as people may say. [00:01:33.186] I think what makes this practice unique is that we have a great team, number one. [00:01:39.271] Number two, we have a lot of providers and dental assistants [00:01:44.457] from other countries. [00:01:45.757] I think that makes our practice totally unique from everywhere else. [00:01:49.543] Bethel makes work easy. [00:01:51.729] I want them to feel comfortable. [00:01:54.057] I want them to be sure that they leave here [00:01:56.244] with what they came here for. [00:01:57.629] It has been an amazing ride to share what a dental hygienist does [00:02:03.271] with the people of Ghana.

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