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You'll find state-of-the-art technology here at Bethel Dental Clinic in Accra, Ghana. Every treatment room is equipped with its own X-ray system, and we have our own 3D printers to create dental restorations like crowns and dentures in one day. We continuously seek out new technologies that can further elevate the patient experience.

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[00:00:07.214] If you take, for instance, the CAD/CAM, [00:00:12.943] same-day crowns, it saves time for the patient. [00:00:17.686] You don't have to come. [00:00:19.486] We take the impression, send it to the lab, [00:00:22.171] then you come another day to fit your crown. [00:00:25.200] This time you can just wait and take your crown away. [00:00:28.800] Also, we don't use the impression material, [00:00:32.557] which some people find very uncomfortable. [00:00:35.186] We scan and then it just goes to the mill, [00:00:39.071] and it's milled for you. [00:00:40.917] Within an hour, you can leave our clinic with a new tooth. [00:00:44.529] Here at Bethel Dental Clinic, we use best of the technologies. [00:00:47.943] For root canal treatment, we have microscopes, [00:00:50.872] we have endomotors, and we have apex locators. [00:00:53.971] If it is a microscope, [00:00:56.000] it's very difficult to see a small canal in somebody's tooth with your own eyes. [00:01:03.560] But with a microscope, the small canal becomes like a big well. [00:01:08.829] Each room is equipped with an X-ray, [00:01:11.557] so you don't have to get up, go here, take an X-ray. [00:01:14.550] We don't have to send you to the teaching hospital [00:01:16.644] to take an X-ray and come back. [00:01:19.600] We do everything right there. [00:01:21.586] We also have 3D printers [00:01:23.283] by which we would be able to make stents and dentures [00:01:26.415] here at our place in one day. [00:01:29.014] We are using microscope, lasers, and CAD/CAMs, [00:01:33.014] so proudly I can say that Bethel Dental [00:01:35.475] is always keep updated with the recent advancements, [00:01:38.743] I think this place is well-resourced with the best professionals, [00:01:42.858] and then the kind of equipment that they have [00:01:46.033] makes you assure that you're getting the best value for your money. [00:01:51.786] Yes. Our promise is any technology that is around the world [00:01:56.300] that will make them comfortable, will try and procure it [00:02:01.043] so that they feel more comfortable, they feel safer. [00:02:04.457] Then, we give them what they need.

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