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Francis remembers feeling amazed at the home-like feel he found during his very first visit to Bethel Dental Clinic in Accra. He says that it's hard to find the same level of hospitality at other clinics and hospitals around Ghana. Francis was so pleased with his care that he chose us for his children's dental needs as well.

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[00:00:07.280] My first visit… [00:00:09.186] Then I was so amazed walking through the door, [00:00:15.120] entering the reception was walking into my home [00:00:19.987] with a lot of smile from the staff at the reception. [00:00:23.840] I felt so good stepping in. [00:00:26.300] Honestly, it's hard to see this kind of experience [00:00:29.315] in some of the hospitals or clinic that you visit around in Ghana. [00:00:35.201] Going through the scan gave me a lot of insight [00:00:38.087] of what's supposed to be done on my teeth. [00:00:40.921] Then I had the confidence that after the treatment [00:00:43.810] I was going to be smiling good. [00:00:45.720] That gave me also the courage to bring in my kids. [00:00:49.280] They were like, "Hey, man, this place is different from wherever I've been to." [00:00:53.414] I love the doctor who treated me. [00:00:55.681] I will say a big thank you to them. [00:00:58.250] They are amazing. They are lovely people. [00:01:01.240] They are people that who want to be with or visit [00:01:05.029] to have such an experience any day, anytime.

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