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Does Gum Disease Affect Your Mental Health?

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Gum line receding due to gum disease

It’s no secret that gum disease can put your oral health at serious risk; it can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth and the jaw to lose bone, and both problems can easily lead to gaps in your smile. But what you may not know it that gum disease in Ghana is also linked to other health problems – including certain mental health conditions. How can problems with your gums be linked to your brain? Read on to learn more about this link and what you can do about it.

Gum Disease and Mental Health

According to a study led by the University of Birmingham, people with some form of gum disease have a 37% increased risk of developing mental health problems. This statistic was arrived at by examining over 64,000 cases of patients with gum disease and seeing how many of them were also diagnosed with conditions depression, anxiety, and serious mental illness. 

The most probable explanation for this link is some of the behavioral changes that tend to come with issues like anxiety and depression. Oftentimes, people with these conditions don’t brush as often as they should, tend to skip dental visits, and have unhealthy diets. Depression and anxiety are also known to cause the body to release a hormone called cortisone, which weakens the immune system and leaves the mouth more vulnerable to the bacteria that can cause gum disease. In short, many mental health disorders can manifest in the mouth in various ways, so if your oral health has been on the decline, you may want to consider talking to a physician about your mental health and whether there could be a connection.

What to Do About Gum Disease and Mental Health

Gum disease can be fought, as can depression, anxiety, and similar disorders. The most important step is realizing that there’s a problem and seeking a professional’s help right away. For gum disease, you can speak to your dentist about having a deep cleaning done to get rid of the bacteria that’s hiding beneath the gum tissue. They can also use a soft tissue laser to get rid of swollen, infected tissue while sterilizing the area. As for your mental health, step one is to let your regular physician know about your concerns so that they can point you in the direction of a specialist who can help. You can also see if there’s anything you can do to try and take control of your condition at home.

Healthy gums and a healthy mind are both important, and you need to be proactive if you want to protect them both. Get in touch with the appropriate professionals today if you think you might be showing signs of gum disease that could be related to anxiety or a similar issue.

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