Do I Need New Dentures? Common Signs They Need to Be Replaced By Charles Antwi on December 15, 2023

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If you’re missing teeth, you know what an incredible game-changer dentures can be. Despite modern, durable materials, dentures don’t last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. This is a conversation I have at my North DzorwuluAccra, Ghana, clinic when restorative dentistry patients come to me with denture concerns. Read on to learn more about the obvious – and not-so-obvious – reasons it might be time for a new restoration.

Broken or Damaged Dentures

If dentures are dropped or accidentally sat on, they can become broken. Another way a denture might become damaged includes soaking it in water that is too hot, which could warp the acrylic materials used to make the base. When you bring a broken or damaged restoration into our office, we’ll evaluate whether it can be pieced back together or whether you’ll need to have an entirely new denture made.

Poorly Fitting Dentures

Over time, the shape of your jaw can change and impact the way that your denture fits. Wear and tear is also common. Some signs that your denture's appearance has been compromised or it’s not fitting as well as it should include:

  • Trouble speaking clearly
  • Chips on the fake teeth
  • Your denture falls out easily
  • Sore spots on your gums
  • The fake teeth appear stained
  • Your dentures make clicking or sucking sounds

Your denture should look healthy and lifelike, and remain firmly in place so that you can feel confident speaking, eating, and smiling. That said, traditional dentures do have some limitations and my Accra team is happy to educate you on the benefits of dental implants.

Implants Provide Better Security

While traditional dentures are held in place using denture adhesive and suction, implant-supported dentures rely on small metal posts that are surgically placed in the jaw. Once your restoration is attached, it will never slip out of place. You can expect to eat all your favorite foods again, like whole apples and steak, with the utmost confidence.

An additional advantage of implants is that they protect your bone health. Missing teeth cause the surrounding bone to shrink. This is one of the biggest reasons your denture might feel like it doesn’t fit well anymore. With implants, your bone remains strong and healthy. You’ll not only need fewer denture adjustments, but any remaining teeth you have will be better protected.

In some cases, we can convert your existing denture so that it can attach to dental implants. In others, we’ll recommend a new denture for the best outcome.

Relining Your Denture Might Be an Option

If you’re noticing a change in the fit or performance of your denture, you might not necessarily need an entirely new restoration. During your consultation, we’ll assess whether a denture reline could address your concerns. 

During the denture relining process, only the portion of the denture that comes into contact with your gums is modified. While the process is typically recommended to protect the soft tissues of your mouth and ensure a better fit, in some cases, relining can repair a cracked denture.

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