Benefits of Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings By Charles Antwi on September 02, 2023

routine dental cleaningRoutine dental exams and cleanings should be a part of everyone’s healthcare routine. It is recommended that individuals see a dentist regularly for the prevention and treatment of oral disease. Most people can benefit from biannual dental exams and cleanings, but dentists may recommend more frequent appointments for high-risk patients.

Unfortunately, many people avoid professional dental care until an issue develops. The reason for this neglect is often a failure to recognize the many benefits of routine dental exams and cleanings. Here we discuss the advantages our Accra, Ghana, patients can enjoy by undergoing regular dental cleanings and exams at Bethel Dental.

Preservation of Good Oral Health

Many people view dental care as restorative - meaning it treats dental problems to restore the smile’s health, function, and beauty. Dental treatments can achieve those goals, but the primary goal of routine dental exams and cleanings is to preserve good oral health. Cleanings protect dental health to minimize the risk of dental complications.

Removal of Plaque and Tartar

At-home oral hygiene habits are essential to good oral health, but their effects are limited. Even when patients brush at least twice a day and floss regularly, plaque and tartar buildup are likely. Plaque and tartar are hard, sticky substances that gradually destroy healthy tooth enamel. Unfortunately, a toothbrush and floss cannot adequately remove plaque and tartar buildup. The good news is a professional dental cleaning can. Routine dental exams and cleanings eliminate plaque and tartar before they lead to extensive dental damage.

Prevention of Complex Dental Problems

Most people develop a cavity or some degree of tooth decay throughout their lives. With prompt care, these conditions are easily treated. The goal of routine dental exams and cleanings is to identify dental issues before they progress to more complex dental problems. Preventive dental services help our Accra patients avoid the pain of advanced oral health issues and the time and cost of invasive restorative dentistry treatments.

Detection of Oral Cancer

Most people do not think about oral cancer, nor would they recognize symptoms if they developed. At a routine dental exam and cleaning, our dentists examine oral tissues for any signs of cancer. Dental exams are the greatest tool in the diagnosis of oral cancer, and they allow for early detection and treatment that can be life-saving.

Oral Hygiene Education

Any oral hygiene routine is better than none, and “improper” brushing is still more beneficial than neglecting the teeth. Still, many people have a lot to learn about brushing and flossing, and a dental exam and cleaning is the perfect place to learn good oral hygiene techniques, get recommendations about quality oral hygiene products, and get advice about bad dental habits to avoid.

Improved Dentist/Patient Relationship

Anxiety and dental phobia are two of the most common reasons people neglect professional dental care. Routine dental exams and cleanings help our Accra patients build a trusting and positive relationship with the dentist. A good dentist/patient relationship improves patient comfort and makes it easier for people to seek restorative dental care, should it become necessary.

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If you are due for a routine dental exam and cleaning, we urge you to contact our dental clinic and request an appointment at your earliest convenience. You can enjoy all the benefits that a cleaning and exam provide in the safe, comfortable, and professional setting created at Bethel Dental.

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