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Teeth Cleaning

Has it been more than six months since the last time you visited a dentist for a dental cleaning?

Whether you are due for a checkup or want to start ongoing care with a new dentist, Bethel Dental Clinic is here for you.

We provide teeth cleanings and exams at our Accra, Ghana, clinic to help your entire family achieve and maintain outstanding oral health.

We Make It Easy to Budget for Dental Cleanings

Bethel Dental Clinic accepts most insurance plans. We also offer in-house financing and accept corporate benefits. If it's time for a teeth cleaning and you have any questions about payment, please reach out to us today. Our staff is glad to answer your questions and help you get the most from your coverage. Send us a message or call us directly:

Did You Know?

You should receive dental cleanings and checkups every 6 months

Three Reasons to Choose Bethel Dental  For Dental Cleanings and More

There are several dental clinics in Ghana, but here is why so many families trust
their care to Bethel Dental Clinic:

Care for the Whole Family

As a patient of our dental clinic, you won't have to make appointments at multiple practices just to make sure the entire family's oral health needs are covered. We treat children, adults, and seniors, so the entire family can receive the care they need in a single conveniently located office. The risks for conditions like tooth decay change throughout your life, and we are here to help you maintain excellent oral health every step of the way.

A Focus on Prevention

Bethel Dental Clinic is equipped to treat complex oral health needs, but our goal is to prevent these issues in the first place. Our regular cleanings involve examining each tooth and your entire mouth, and we take X-rays once per year to make certain there are no health problems developing below the surface. We will also help you perfect your brushing technique to minimize tartar buildup between visits. Believe it or not, preventing tooth decay is often just a matter of how you hold your toothbrush!

Better Dentistry Through Technology

Bethel Dental Clinic in Accra, Ghana, believes in using sophisticated tools to deliver the very best care in a timely manner. Our digital X-rays provide instant high-definition images of your jaw and other tissues. When necessary, our CT cone beam scanner provides 3D renderings of the deeper tissues of your smile to pinpoint developing issues in seconds. Meanwhile, we use the Wand, a special tool that delivers local anesthetic without the "pinch" that conventional needles cause.

Request a Teeth Cleaning Today Let's Optimize Your Oral Hygiene

At Bethel Dental Clinic in Accra, Ghana, you will find a practice that is focused on providing your family with efficient and effective care that can provide lifelong benefits. Prevention is our priority. Dr. Junedakthar Shaikh, and our entire staff are here to make sure you and your loved ones achieve and maintain the very best oral health possible.

So if it has been six months or longer since your last visit with a dentist, or if you need to establish ongoing care for yourself and your family, please contact us today. Brushing and flossing each day at home is essential, but you also need regular professional care. We will conduct a complete cleaning and exam to identify your needs. Certain health conditions may make it necessary to undergo checkups more frequently. You can count on us to identify your needs and meet them in a way that respects your comfort, time, and best interests.

To request your visit, please send us a message online or give us a call:

(233) 030-277-1155

"Extremely grateful."

"Bethel Dentist are top notch trust me. I had a serious emergency they were almost closing but waited to attend to me with wonderful customer care and expert dentist. Am speechless if all dentist could be like this wooow. God bless you all Bethel Dental Clinic. I will choose you always a million times again. Extremely grateful" Jay Moi, 5-Star Google Review, 2023

They Score Goals for Ghana We Make Their Smile Goals a Reality

Trust your smile to the official dental provider of the Ghana National Soccer Team.

What Happens During a Checkup at Bethel Dental Clinic?

When you visit our Accra, Ghana, practice for a routine cleaning, you can expect:

Oral Health Assessment

Our Accra practice will also assess the condition of your teeth and gums in order to detect any problems that may not be apparent to you. For example, gum disease has early signs that can be difficult to recognize. Our dental hygienists will examine your gums and measure the depth of gum pockets in between each tooth; pockets that are deeper than four millimeters may indicate the presence of gingivitis, the early phase of gum disease. 


X-rays are taken at least once a year during regular checkups. They may be taken more frequently if we detect any signs of issues that require a closer look. If necessary, we can use CT cone beam imaging to capture 3D images of the deeper tissues of your mouth and jaw.


Our hygienists will clean and polish each tooth to remove plaque and tartar that lead to gum disease. They will clean those hard-to-reach areas at the back of your mouth and along the gum line, making sure each tooth is free of buildup. Dental cleaning can also remove extrinsic stains from your teeth so that your smile will be clean and bright.

Gum Disease Treatment

When gum disease is detected in its earliest stages, it can often be reversed just by changing your brushing and flossing techniques, or through scaling and root planing, which are treatments that remove plaque and tartar from below the gum line. We can provide instruction regarding your oral hygiene techniques during this time (such as the angle to hold your toothbrush), or provide deep cleaning to help resolve gum disease.

"There's always someone to attend to you."

Indira loves how the team at Bethel Dental Clinic values her time, regardless of whether she's coming in for an annual checkup or a specialized service. When she comes in, she doesn't have to wait—we're prepared to take her right in. Indira says she regularly recommends our Accra practice to her friends and colleagues.

"Very happy."

"My experience at Bethel was very Professional and Good. I was attended to warmly and i was very happy" emelia wormadey, 5-Star Google Review, 2023
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Bethel Dental Clinic

Bethel Dental Clinic is a comprehensive dentistry practice committed to high-tech treatment and top-of-the-line service. As the official dental provider for the Ghana National Soccer Team, we have a reputation for creating beautiful, healthy smiles. We go above and beyond for patients by providing:

  • In-House Financing
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Same-Day Restorations
  • And More

Contact our office today to get started on treatment. You can reach us online, or by calling (233) 030-277-1155.

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