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6 Questions to Ask at Your Next Dental Appointment

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Female patient getting her teeth checked by dentist

Your dentist will ask all kinds of questions during your biannual checkups, such as “Are you brushing regularly?” and “Have you noticed anything unusual in your mouth?” But if you want to keep your smile as healthy as possible, it’s important to take initiative, and that sometimes means asking questions on your own. During your next dental appointment, try asking some of the 6 questions below and see what your dentist has to say.

1. How Can I Improve My Smile?

This is an intentionally broad question because “improving” a smile can mean different things for different patients, whether it means simply enhancing its appearance or addressing potential health issues. Your dentist can give you feedback tailored to your specific needs and oral health goals.

2. Do I Need More Frequent Appointments?

One dental checkup and cleaning every 6 months is enough for most patients, but in some circumstances, you might benefit from more frequent visits. For example, if you’re particularly susceptible to gum disease, then visiting the dentist more often could be a crucial step for preventing early gingivitis from turning into periodontitis.

3. How Should I Update My Oral Hygiene Routine?

You can tell your dentist about your oral hygiene habits – including how often you brush, floss, and rinse as well as what products you use – and ask for feedback. They’ll be able to spot the weak spots in your routine and make suggestions for improvements.

4. Do I Have Any Dental Conditions I Should Know About?

This encourages your dentist to explain their findings and the state of your mouth in more detail so that you have a concrete idea of what you need to do to protect your oral health. You may also ask about any dental treatments that you could potentially benefit from.

5. Am I Grinding My Teeth?

If you’re grinding your teeth at night, you may not even realize it until it’s too late. Your dentist can identify the warning signs of bruxism – typically in the form of excessively worn-down teeth – and provide you with a customized mouthguard in order to prevent further damage.

6. Do I Need to Change My Diet?

You are what you eat, and your smile is no different in that regard. Talk to your dentist about your diet and see if there are any foods you should cut down on or eat more of in order to improve your smile.

These are just a few examples of things you might want to bring up; consider your own unique circumstances and make a list of inquiries based on your own personal concerns. Make sure you have plenty to talk about with your dentist so that you can keep your smile shining for a very long time.

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Our dentists at Bethel Dental all strive to go the extra mile to help every single one of our patients enjoy excellent oral health for the rest of their lives. Each one of them has years of experience and advanced education that allows them to deal with a wide variety of dental issues. If you have any questions about your oral health, request an appointment with us today.

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