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ClearCorrect or Braces: Which One is Best for You?

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Pair of ClearCorrect aligners on a reflective table

On the surface, ClearCorrect and braces have similar goals: they are both meant to move the teeth, straighten smiles, and correct uneven bites. But even though they both make the same kind of corrections, they do so in different ways – and they both have their own pros and cons to consider before you commit to treatment. Below, you can learn some important facts that can help you answer the question of ClearCorrect vs. braces when it comes to which treatment is right for you.

How Do ClearCorrect and Traditional Braces Work?

Both ClearCorrect and braces exert pressure on the teeth to slowly move them to their ideal positions. The main difference is how this is accomplished. Traditional braces employ metal brackets and wires. The brackets are cemented onto the teeth, and the wires connecting them are responsible for the tooth movements. ClearCorrect uses a series of clear aligners instead. Unlike braces, these clear aligners are made out of a see-through plastic that most people won’t notice unless they’re specifically looking for it, and they can be taken out of the mouth at any time.

What are the Advantages of ClearCorrect vs. Braces?

Both braces and ClearCorrect are highly reliable in their own right when it comes to improving overall oral health. When it comes to which one is right for you, it helps to consider the benefits that each one has to offer:

  • Braces can be used to correct even the most complex orthodontic issues. Since they’re irremovable, the patient doesn’t have to worry about taking them out or losing them. They’re also ideal for patients who lack the self-discipline to stop themselves from removing clear aligners.
  • ClearCorrect works for many different mild to moderate orthodontic issues, and the aligners are generally far more comfortable and image-friendly than metal brackets. Treatment time is normally shorter – around 12 to 18 months compared to the 2 years that are often required for braces. You can also eat whatever you want without worrying about food getting stuck in your orthodontic appliance.

What are the Cons of ClearCorrect vs. Braces?

You also need to consider the potential downsides of both treatments. Braces can draw unwanted attention, put a limit on what you can and can’t eat, and are vulnerable to being damaged during contact sports since they can’t be removed. Invisalign may not be suitable for certain severe orthodontic issues or patients with bridgework.

Your dentist will go over the differences between ClearCorrect and braces with you very carefully before letting you make the decision of which one is right for your smile. Straight teeth can be life-changing, and it’s important to pick the right road that will lead you to your ideal grin.

About the Practice

At the Bethel Dental Clinic, our patients get to enjoy the benefits of the latest dental techniques and technologies. We have recently adopted ClearCorrect as a solution for teens and adults that want to achieve straighter, healthier smiles without using braces. To set up a ClearCorrect consultation with our team today, visit our website.

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