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Before or After Breakfast: When’s the Best Time to Brush?

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Father helping child brush their teeth in the morning.

Your morning routine probably looks like most people’s: get up, get dressed, have breakfast, then brush your teeth. You’ve probably done this so often that it’s already a deeply ingrained habit. But did you realize that a simple change to your morning routine might make a huge difference to your oral health? Many dental experts are now saying that brushing your teeth before breakfast may be more beneficial than waiting until after you’ve already eaten. Read on to learn how timing can make a difference while brushing and what would actually be best for your smile first thing in the morning.

Why Would Brushing Before Breakfast Be Beneficial?

At first glance, brushing before you eat is just common sense; it gets rid of the food particles left over from breakfast, and it lets you enjoy your meal without having to deal with the minty aftertaste or toothpaste. However, there are a few reasons why it may be better clean your teeth right away instead of right after a meal.

First of all, harmful oral bacteria tend to multiply while you sleep, which is why you might notice bad breath and a funny taste in your mouth when you first wake up. It’s best to get rid of these harmful organisms as soon as possible; the longer they stay on your teeth and gums, the more likely they are to contribute to decay and disease.

Second, if you have anything acidic for breakfast – such as toast, orange juice, or coffee – it’s best to avoid brushing for at least 30 minutes. During that time, the enamel will be softened somewhat, meaning you might accidentally damage it while brushing. Since you probably won’t have time to wait while getting ready for school or work, brushing before you eat could be the safest, most time-effective option.

Finally, brushing first thing in the morning can help stimulate the production of saliva. This means you’ll be able to break your food down more easily, and you’ll make your mouth a less hospitable environment for the bacteria that might feed on sugars and carbohydrates.

What If You Still Brush Your Teeth After Breakfast?

Of course, brushing after breakfast is still an option if it fits your routine better, but it’s important to keep some things in mind:

  • It’s best to wait at least half an hour to an hour to brush if your breakfast includes acidic foods or drinks.
  • You can get a jump start on cleaning your teeth by chewing on sugarless gum after a meal but before brushing.
  • When you do brush, make sure you’re paying close attention to the hard-to-reach spots.

Brushing before and after breakfast are both perfectly viable, but cleaning your teeth before eating is often the better choice. That said, as long as you’re brushing your teeth at all in the morning, you’ll go a long way towards protecting.

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