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Tooth Replacement in Accra, Ghana

Bethel Dental Clinic offers complete smiles.

At Bethel Dental Clinic, we offer two different types of tooth replacement: fixed bridgework and removable full and partial dentures. Each has their own advantages, and what’s right for you depends on several factors. We’ll help you determine whether you’d like to replace your missing teeth with a fixed bridge or removable prosthesis.

Fixed Bridge

Fixed bridges provide non-removable tooth replacement at our Accra, Ghana dental practice. Fixed bridges are stable and sturdy, and this form of tooth replacement will feel very natural. Replacement teeth are held in place by crowns that anchor to your remaining teeth. Once your bridge is in place, you can speak and eat with full function and without fear of anyone seeing the spaces left by your missing teeth or a removable dental prosthesis coming loose.

Dentures and Partials

A denture is a removable form of tooth replacement. Full dentures are used when all of your teeth are missing, and a partial denture is used if you still have some remaining teeth. Dentures and partials offer affordable tooth replacement that will often work when a fixed bridge is not an option. We want tooth replacement to be available to everybody, and dentures and partials provide an alternative that keeps this goal in reach for many.

The reasons to replace missing teeth include appearance, of course, but also include achieving optimal function, protecting the remaining teeth from shifting or being lost, and providing facial support. Missing teeth can actually cause the shape of your face to change, and if you’re missing teeth, you just can’t eat or speak as well as you once did. In fact, missing teeth can lead to poor nutrition if not replaced.

Patients  can contact us to schedule an appointment. We would love to discuss your tooth replacement options with you and come up with a solution to your missing teeth problem. You are welcome to give us a call as well.

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