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Accra Cosmetic Dentist

Smile makeovers from Bethel Dental Clinic.

When someone smiles, you notice. And if their teeth look damaged, crooked, gapped, or stained, you notice that, too. People notice your smile as well, and that’s why you want it to look its best. But if you suffer from embarrassing smile problems like the ones listed before, you don’t have to give up on having an attractive smile. With cosmetic dentistry from Bethel Dental Clinic in Accra, Ghana, you can get a smile makeover so that people only see how great you look whenever you smile.

What types of cosmetic dentistry services do we offer at Bethel Dental Clinic?

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding is a great way for us to fix small problems with your otherwise nice-looking smile. If you have a single chip in a front tooth, we can repair the problem with composite resin material. This tooth-colored material is also used to create cosmetic-quality fillings, so you know its strong and durable, providing a cosmetic dentistry smile solution that will not only make you look better, but feel better as well.

Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Whitening

Porcelain veneers and teeth whitening are both very popular cosmetic dentistry services offered at Bethel Dental Clinic in Ghana. Our cosmetic dentists can completely makeover even the most damaged smiles using these procedures. Learn more:


Gum Contouring and Reshaping

If you have an uneven gumline or excessive gum tissue that’s causing your smile to look short or stubby, Bethel Dental Clinic can help you create a more attractive smile. Using a soft-tissue laser, our dental team in Accra, Ghana, will remove any excess tissue to create a straighter gum line or a fuller, shapelier smile. Your procedure will be completed in one comfortable appointment, without the need for stitches or a lengthy recovery.

If you would like to discuss your smile makeover options with us, contact us to schedule a consultation at our office. Serving the entire country of Ghana, as well as the West African sub-region, we use cosmetic dentistry to transform smiles – and lives. As our motto says: “The smile starts here.” We can make it your best smile yet.

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