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Cosmetic Bonding in Accra

Sometimes small changes make a big impact. And for minor dental imperfections, cosmetic bonding is often the perfect fit. It is a way to improve the appearance of your front teeth in just one quick, pain-free visit to your dentist’s office. The doctors at Bethel Dental offer cosmetic bonding for simple smile transformations.

How Cosmetic Bonding Works

To repair a damaged tooth with cosmetic bonding, your dentist prepares the enamel by slightly etching the surface and applying a solution that aids in bonding between the tooth and resin. The tooth-colored composite resin is then applied directly to the tooth. Here, the resin is sculpted and shaped into its most pleasing form. The resin is dried under a special light once the sculpting process is complete. Cosmetic bonding is completed in a single visit to the our office. And because it’s applied onto the tooth without any modification of the enamel, cosmetic bonding does not require anesthesia.

The following dental imperfections can be improved with cosmetic bonding.

When it is used to close minor gaps or to repair slight misalignments, cosmetic bonding can actually eliminate the need for braces. People who have significant orthodontic issues, however, will still benefit from traditional orthodontic treatment.

Considerations with Cosmetic Bonding

Patients who opt for cosmetic bonding should be aware that the composite resin absorbs stains more quickly than the natural tooth enamel. Colors from coffee, tobacco, and other common tooth-stainers may speed up the discoloration of the cosmetic bonding.

Additionally, take care when biting into food if your front teeth are repaired with cosmetic bonding. Cut corn off the cob and avoid biting directly into apples to keep your dental work intact.

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