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Prevent Cardiovascular Disease with a Teeth Cleaning in Accra

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You know that proper oral health is vital for the longevity of your teeth and beauty of your smile. But, did you know that your oral health can also impact your cardiovascular health? Poor oral hygiene is directly linked to causing negative cardiovascular complications, including increasing your risk for heart attack and stroke. As a result, it is important to practice proper oral hygiene at home and visit your dentist regularly for a dental checkup and teeth cleaning in Accra. As your dentist in Ghana, Bethel Dental will protect your smile and heart health with comprehensive dental care.

Link Between Oral and Heart Health

When proper oral health is not maintained, gum disease often develops. Gum disease is an infection the occurs in the gum. The infection is due to bacteria in plaque and tarter accumulations around the gum line. When the infection is treated early, there are no long-term negative consequences to oral or overall health. However, often the infection goes untreated, allowing it to intensify.

As the infection progresses, serious damage occurs to your oral health. You will develop painful bleeding gums, and you may start to notice your teeth becoming loose or shifting. Over time, your teeth may even fall out. However, the complications of the infection spread far beyond just the mouth.

The bacteria responsible for gum disease can enter the bloodstream when gum disease is not properly treated. As the bacteria enters the bloodstream, it circulates throughout the body and the heart. The bacteria will then cause inflammation in the arteries and the heart. This will cause the heart to work harder as the arteries become narrowed. As a result, this increases your risk for heart attack and stroke. Other cardiovascular complications that can develop include blood clots due to plaque deposits, heart arrhythmias, and more.

Protect Your Oral and Overall Health

The complications of poor oral hygiene and gum disease do not just impact your heart. Other areas of the body can be affected as well. In order to protect your overall health, you need to practice proper oral hygiene.

You need to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. In addition, you must floss your teeth daily. In addition to home care, it is important to visit your dentist twice a year for regular checkups and dental cleanings. If you suspect that you may have gum disease, such as if you have bleeding, swollen gums, contact Bethel Dental immediately for an appointment. We offer the preventive care you need to stop gum disease before it starts. If gum disease develops, we provide effective periodontal therapy to restore your oral health to protect your heart.

Do not let poor oral health damage your smile and wreak havoc throughout the body. Protect your smile and your heart health with proper oral hygiene and dental care. Bethel Dental provides the care you need to develop optimal oral health for a lifelong beautiful smile.

Contact Bethel Dental today on 030 2 771155 to schedule your appointment for preventive care or periodontal therapy.

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