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Cleaning ClearCorrect: 5 Best Practices

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Clear aligners sitting on a white surface

The big advantage of ClearCorrect aligners is that they’re transparent, so no one else will know that you’re even wearing them. However, your aligners are susceptible to staining, and if that happens your smile will certainly start drawing the wrong sort of attention. That’s why you need to pay close attention to your oral hygiene habits when caring for ClearCorrect. Below are X tips that will help you keep your aligners free of food particles and harmful bacteria.

1. Create a Morning Hygiene Routine

You need to keep your ClearCorrect aligners in your mouth at night, which means bacteria will gather on them while you sleep. Thus, cleaning ClearCorrect should be one of the first things you do in the morning. Take the aligners out and give them a thorough brushing. Make sure that your teeth are clean as well before you put them back in. For optimal hygiene, you should repeat this process at night just before bedtime.

2. Rinse Your Aligners Whenever You Take Them Out

Your aligners have to be removed whenever you eat or drink anything besides water. Before you put them back in, however, you should take the time to gently rinse them in cool water. This washes away any saliva or plaque that has built up during the day; regular rinsing will prevent excessive accumulation that can lead to serious damage.

3. Don’t Eat or Drink with Your Aligners

While ClearCorrect has no diet restrictions, you still need to take your aligners out at mealtimes. If you don’t, then colorful foods and beverages could end up leaving stains on the plastice. (It will also damage the aligners, possibly breaking them and disrupting the whole treatment.) Even if you’re just getting a snack, you should still take the time to remove your aligners first.

4. Keep Your Aligners in Their Case

When you take out your aligners, you shouldn’t leave them exposed to the air; this can cause harmful bacteria to form on them. Instead, place them in their case and keep them there until you’re ready to put them back in. In the event that you don’t have access to your case and are forced to leave aligners in the open, make sure that you give them a thorough rinsing before you put them back in.

5. Use the Right Kind of Cleaner

While scrubbing your ClearCorrect, you need to carefully choose the kind of cleaner you use. Obviously there are cleaning products made specifically for ClearCorrect, but hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and distilled white vinegar can also get excellent results when mixed with water.

Your dentist probably has other tips for keeping ClearCorrect clean throughout your treatment; make sure that you call them right away if you have any concerns about your own habits. Protect your aligners so that you can keep your smile looking great while your teeth are slowly being straightened.

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