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4 Ways ClearCorrect Sets You Free

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Is it any wonder why so many adults are reluctant to get braces even when their teeth are crooked? Because the braces are permanently stuck in place and are readily visible to anyone who sees your smile, they have an unavoidable influence on the quality of your life and can leave you feeling very limited in what you can do. The following 4 freedoms of ClearCorrect can make your orthodontic treatment a much more positive one that puts control back in your hands.

1. The Freedom to Eat Your Favorite Foods

Hard or crunchy foods like popcorn and pizza crust can potentially break the brackets and wires that make up your braces, and sticky foods like chewing gum could pull the brackets off the teeth altogether. This is why people with braces have such limited diets. But ClearCorrect has no such restrictions because they are removable; in fact, you are expected to take them out whenever you eat or drink anything besides water. Simply take them out of your mouth and store them in a safe container, and you will be able to eat whatever you want.

2. The Freedom to Smile with Confidence

You can still go to social events and job interviews with braces, of course, but when you feel embarrassed about the dark-colored metal covering your teeth, it can be difficult to give the confident smile that is often the key for success. ClearCorrect, by contrast, blends in with the teeth so well that most people will not  even realize you are wearing an aligner unless they know ahead of time. You can relax, speak, and smile while staying fully confident that eyes will only be on your smile for the right reasons.

3. The Freedom from Discomfort

Like other orthodontic procedures, ClearCorrect does put a small amount of pressure on your teeth, and you might feel small amounts of discomfort whenever you switch to a new aligner. This is usually very mild and will go away after a couple of days. Meanwhile, braces, in addition to exerting pressure on the teeth, also consist of several sharp brackets and wires that can scratch up the soft tissues inside of your mouth. The smooth plastic surfaces of ClearCorrect aligners are far gentler on your mouth.

4. Freedom to Smile Sooner

Since the brackets and wires will be in the way of your smile throughout the treatment, you will not have a chance to fully appreciate your progress until the very end. With ClearCorrect, you will get to see your grin improve a little bit more with each successive aligner, and that can make you a lot more prone to wanting to show it off.

If you have been looking to correct your smile but do not want to commit yourself to braces, talk to your dentist about ClearCorrect and how it can leave you feeling confident and content with your teeth during and after the treatment.

About the Author

Here at Bethel Dental Clinic, we want our patients to feel like they have stepped into the future. We make sure our office stays up to date with the latest dental technology and treatments. As part of this effort, we offer ClearCorrect for orthodontic corrections for teens and adults that do not want braces. To schedule a ClearCorrect consultation, visit our website today.

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